Call for Projects – Luminale COMMUNITY is inviting the city’s creative minds, clubs/associations, institutions, and all enthusiasts of light and city.


The Luminale is a party for the residents, its roots in the cultural life of Frankfurt and Offenbach run wide and deep. The fan community is growing steadily, people in all parts of the city are taking part in shaping the festival.

Countless cultural centres in past years have developed their projects for a diverse Luminale programme. The path of light leading to the Luminale through the cities on the River Main underscores the social cohesion and community spirit both inwardly and outwardly.


It highlights the creative, innovative and poetic sides of the city, offering another perspective of the urban space and creating an especially warm and inviting atmosphere for the duration of the festival.

In the area of light and city, the Luminale is inviting all those who wish to contribute their ideas and initiatives in shaping the Biennial for light art and urban design.