COMMUNITY combines the diverse Luminale events organized by the municipal communities of Frankfurt and Offenbach - from exhibitions to events to parties.


COMMUNITY presents art with and about light, which is thematically unrelated and creates space for experiments and improvisations outside the criteria of the Advisory Board. Now open to issues of urban design, the Luminale offers numerous opportunities for dialogue revolving around urban development, the quality of city life, public space, among many other topics.


The breadth and diversity of the Luminale - supported by the participation of artists, creative people, associations, studios, companies, institutions and interested residents * of Frankfurt and Offenbach - is exemplified here. Thus, COMMUNITY shows that something great can be achieved by involving many on a small scale.


Starlit Moments

Artist Fabio Kempf examines one of mankind’s oldest cultural traditions: observing the star-studded heavens.


in motion

The photographic project visualizes jazz musicians as they improvises in a motion sequence.