Call for Papers - Luminale SOLUTIONS invites renowned experts and citizens to interdisciplinary dialog and debate on the future and the city.


The spectrum ranges from global to local, from academic and scientific theory to daily practice, from the past into the future. On the agenda are expert talks, panels, lectures, guided tours and workshops - in the festival centre, or in-situ, on the building site, in the smart home, or in thematic exhibitions. These are our themes:

CITY and ENVIRONMENT - How successful is the balance between environmental protection and urban growth? How does Frankfurt compare to international standards? How are cities adapting to climate change? What strategies is Frankfurt pursuing? How will the projected population growth impact water, air, noise and green areas? What solutions are possible?

CITY AND ARCHITECTURE – Urbanisation continues unabated, cities are growing worldwide, thousands of homes must be built at an ever faster rate. How are architects and urban planners coping with this development? What innovative concepts, methods and materials are defining the trend? What are the pros and cons of city centre densification, or the construction of new residential districts on the outskirts?

CITY AND SECURITY - Safety and security are major factors when it comes to the quality of life and thereby for a city’s appeal. Even slight disruptions to the infrastructure can impact millions of people. What factors determine urban security? How can these complex tasks be mastered? What are the effects of urban, social and technical development?


CITY AND MOBILITY - Auto traffic intensifies the problems in highly-condensed areas: although connecting large areas, it causes noise and pollution and leads to health issues. Some alternatives are offered by public transport, bicycles, car-sharing services and electric vehicles. Connected cars and smart traffic control systems are opening up additional opportunities. The Luminale discusses “best practices” and concepts for the Rhine-Main region.

CITY AND PEOPLE - Social equilibrium is a challenge for politicians and the urban planners of expanding cities. How can one ensure the participation of all in growth and education? What are the roles played by “Reception Centres” for the integration of migrants? How successful is the cross-linking of cultures in Frankfurt and Offenbach, Germany’s most multi-cultural cities? What can other communities learn from this?

CITY AND LIGHT - In the late-19th Century, illumination in our cities became the sign of the modern age. Streets, advertisements, facades, front gardens, stairways, emergency exits - since then, everything is illuminated. Then came disillusionment and the first warnings of light pollution. But what is light pollution? What are the consequences for human and animal when night becomes day? How much energy do our cities need just for lighting and what are the concepts for energy conservation? Is there “better” light and where is it actually dark?