Luminale SOLUTIONS invites renowned experts and citizens to interdisciplinary dialog and debate on the future and the city.


Urbanization continues to grow worldwide - a development that has left its mark on Frankfurt as a global city and Offenbach as one of Germany's most international. With Solutions, the Luminale addresses the burning issues of global urban development and correlates them to the situation in Frankfurt.


On five thematically-structured evenings, guests from the areas of science and politics, culture and society, will bridge the gap: from local to global, and from theory to practice. The topics are: People, architecture, safety, security, environment – and, of course, light. In addition to lectures and talks, screenings will also be featured.

SOLUTIONS is supported by the Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main.


symposium citylights

An event of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences for the theme-day City and Light.


Neuer Partner

Die Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft fördert den Luminale-Programmbereich SOLUTIONS.


Stadt und Umwelt

Das Umweltamt wird unser Partner.


6 Abende, 6 Themen

Die Planung in der Kategorie „SOLUTIONS“ für die Luminale-Frankfurt 2018 hat begonnen.