All my limitations are in a hurry

History Museum Frankfurt: A Selfie Light

A project of Darya von Berner

Darya von Berner understands the sculpture gallery in the entrance of the History Museum's new building as an invitation to play. With her installation ALL MY LIMITATIONS ARE IN E HURRY she takes this one step further. Several powerful spotlights are installed opposite the sculpture gallery. As soon as a visitor enters the cone of light, he casts an oversized shadow on the wall with the sculpture niches. The result is a historically multi-layered shadow theatre in which the past and the present interact. The audience become protagonists, and the wall with the stone figures becomes a stage. The nature of this installation in the public space is characterized by a lively exchange which only exists for a few moments. Passers-by are invited to record their interaction with the stone figures in a selfie. Collected on the net, they form an archive of memories to uniquely illuminate and expand the history of the individual sculptures.

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Picture: © Darya von Berner


Light Art Outdoor

All my limitations are in a hurry

18.–23. März 2018, 18:00–23:00 Uhr


Historisches Museum Frankfurt, Saalhof, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Das Projekt wird unterstützt von

Historisches Museum Frankfurt

Monika und Dr. Peter Hermann

Messe Frankfurt


© Darya von Berner

© Darya von Berner