BAF – Bunte Armee Fraktion

Outdoor Life – Indoor Life: Luminale im Kunstverein Offenbach e.V.

A project of Patrick Dickescheid, Torsten Stier and Klaus Freese

The BAF stands for a modern and flamboyant combination of illumination, colors, sculptures, music and video technology. Its name, derived from the Red Army Faction, sees itself as provocation, yet in no way is it politically motivated. The BAF predominantly seeks to entertain and inspire. Which does not mean that the exhibited works are not free of critical statements. Behind the BAF are artists who could hardly be more diverse. Yet in their collaboration, they have created something extraordinary that equals more than the sum of its parts. The artists involved are Patrick Dickescheid, Torsten Stier and Klaus Freese. The fourth member of the league, Andreas Weingärtner, is currently involved in a project requiring his full attention, so that he must unfortunately skip the Luminale 2018.

The Exhibition

In 2018, the BAF is also presenting a meanwhile time-tested combination of various projections, light and image-installations and music, supported by countless guest artists. Visitors can expect a multi-facetted synthesis of the arts, offering something for all tastes.

Special-Programm daily 18:00–22:00 Uhr: 

18. März 2018: Vernissage mit Riaru elektronischer Live Act mit Oberton Gesang

20. März 2018: Live Illusions-Illuminationen und Farbmanipulationen von Klaus Freese

21. März 2018: Live Performance Liquid Living Room von Patrick Dickescheid

22. März 2018: Fraktal Abend Elementarteilchen mit Videos von Torsten Stier

23. März 2018: Finissage mit Colours of Desire Lichtexperimente, Einlass ab 18 Jahre

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Picture: © 2015-2017 Bunte Armee Fraktion


Light Art Indoor

BAF – Bunte Armee Fraktion

18.–28. März 2018, 14:00–20:00 Uhr, 25. März geschlossen


Kunstverein Offenbach e. V. im KOMM Center, Aliceplatz 11, 63065 Offenbach am Main

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Kunstverein Offenbach e.V.

© 2015-2017 Bunte Armee Fraktion

© 2015-2017 Bunte Armee Fraktion

© 2015-2017 Bunte Armee Fraktion

© 2015-2017 Bunte Armee Fraktion

© 2015-2017 Bunte Armee Fraktion

© 2015-2017 Bunte Armee Fraktion