Cross Hatch

A project by Urbanscreen in cooperation with Andreas Preis for the European Central Bank

As part of the 2018 Luminale, the European Central Bank (ECB) will turn the north façade of the historic Grossmarkthalle, which is an integral part of its main building, into a huge animated street art gallery.

The projection mapping along Sonnemannstrasse will be staged by the Bremen artists’ collective Urbanscreen, working for the first time with Berlin-based illustrator, Andreas Preis. Urbanscreen will transform Preis’ colour-intensive illustrations with their faceted and shaded areas into moving 3D animations.

The project not only addresses the challenge of turning 2D into 3D, but also symbolises the interplay between two design principles: analogue and digital, illustration and animation. In this sense, CORSS HATCH alludes to the architecture of the ECB’s main building, which is also an example of two design lexicons and geometries combined – the axially symmetric “classical” structure of the historic Grossmarkthalle and the deconstructionist complex stereometry of the entrance building and high-rise designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au.

Picture: © Europäische Zentralbank / Urbanscreen


Light Art Outdoor

Cross Hatch

18.–23.März 2018, 19:30–22:30 Uhr


Europäische Zentralbank Hauptgebäude, Sonnemannstraße 20, 60314 Frankfurt am Main

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Europäische Zentralbank