A project of Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger and Raphaël Languillat

DESERT SOUND: LENT seeks to be a haven of peace in the totally empty space of the KunstKulturKIrche Allerheiligen (All Saints’ Church of Art and Culture). Desert life in sound and video installation fill the room. A refuge of peace, a room open for contemplation and reflection.

The project by sound artists Flo Kindlinger und Peter Kutin is based on ”desert sound”, the sonic and visual essay on erosion, decay and time. The footage shows such abandoned spots as ghost towns, disused mines, empty fields, and ruins in close proximity of former industrial regions, once founded by copper and nitrate mining companies.

The project reflects the potential epoch of post climate change and attests to the relentless flow of time as well as the fact that nature has no need of mankind, while the latter is reliant on the former. Critical, tonal scrutiny is focused on the issue of the wasteland, the absence of light and the non-existing traces of man in unsullied nature.

The project filmed in the Atacama Desert will be screened in the dark as looped sound/video installation and supplemented by live concerts with a program specially conceived for the Luminale 2018.

Picture: © Kutin/Kindlinger 




16.–23.März 2018, 20:00–24:00 Uhr.
Konzerte: 16. März 2018, 20:00 Uhr / 21. März 2018, 21:00 Uhr


KunstKulturKirche Allerheiligen, Thüringer Str. 35, 60316 Frankfurt am Main

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KunstKulturKirche Allerheiligen


© Kutin/Kindlinger

© Kutin/Kindlinger

© Kutin/Kindlinger

© Kutin/Kindlinger