Interactive light installation

A project of Tobias Zaft 

FLEXIPOLIS is a large-scale interactive light installation by Hamburg artist Tobias Zaft. It consists of ten skyscraper sculptures, which together compose a complex cityscape. The transparent Plexiglas objects are illuminated so that they can be perceived from afar. The work includes an integrated data network which produces differentiated light animations, bringing the cityscape to life. At the same time, visitors are able to log onto the network with their smart phones and themselves alter the individual light animations - and thereby the entire urban landscape, as well.

Here, the lights represent the temptations and lifestyle of the big city: where warmth, love, social interaction and pleasure would seem to exist. From up close, however, expectations are disappointed, for only a void waits behind the empty facades. FLEXIPOLIS also stands for the big cities of our age, which are increasingly similar and whose cultural differences are swiftly disappearing.

Picture: © Tobias Zaft


Light Art Indoor


09.–23. März 2018, 8:00–21:00 Uhr


TaunusTurm, Taunustor 1, 60310 Frankfurt am Main

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© Tobias Zaft

© Tobias Zaft

© Tobias Zaft

© Tobias Zaft