Frankfurt Light_Originals

A project by Fabian Thiele / NONEON

Fabian Thiele‘s light, typography and word objects consist of relics from bygone days; for Thiele’s creation was inspired by a fascination for classical neon signs. Thus Thiele, who founded his label NONEON typografische lichtobjekte (typographical light objects) in 2008, is not only a designer – he seeks, conserves, collects and documents.

His collection of illuminated letters forms an impressive archive, which encompasses the history of FRANKFURT ORIGINALS Several of these letters and their associated history to such long-gone firms as “Foto Neithold”, “Halk u. Fleck”, “Blumen (Flowers) Beuchert”, “Berufsbekleidung (Professional Clothing) Schambach”, among many others, will once again be on show in his installation.

Picture: © Fabian Thiele



Frankfurt Light_Originals

18.–23.März 2018, ab Einbruch der Dunkelheit / when evening falls


NONEON, Schulstraße 14, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

© Fabian Thiele

© Fabian Thiele