Highlights of the southern Light Walk – City-Tour 1

Guided Tour by the Kulturothek

Starting at Gunter Hecker’s Junior House on Kaiserplatz, the tour continues past different Luminale installations towards the banks of the river Main. Special highlights include the work of Victoria Coeln inside the St. Catherine’s Church and the video projection on the façade of the town hall Römer. The tour explains the projects’ artistic concepts and historical references, introduces the artists involved, and provides information on the applied lighting technology.

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Highlights of the southern Light Walk – City-Tour 1

18.–23. März 2018, 19:30 Uhr
Dauer der Führung: 90 Minuten

12 Euro, ermäßigt 10 Euro   » Tickets hier


Brunnen auf dem Kaiserplatz, gegenüber Hotel Frankfurter Hof, Kaiserplatz, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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