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For her installation, Korean artist Jeongmoon Choi uses threads or filaments, stretched throughout the space,  producing a plan of the room accentuated by UV light. Thus dissolving the confines of the darkened room as three-dimensional work space surrounding the installation, at the same time she creates a new room, which is in constant flux, to question the connection between within and without and allowing the observer to experience a paradox of spatial perception.

Choi‘s works can often be interpreted as metaphors for an alienated, contemporary lifestyle; in her work ILLUSION_LINE for example, devoted to the phenomena of current lifestyles and forms of communication, the artist questions the social tendency of withdrawal into the private space. Here, she focuses predominantly on the conflict area between the poles of “protection” and “isolation“, asking under what circumstances can a lovingly and intricately-designed place of retreat turn into a cage, especially in an age when a large proportion of human interaction has shifted into the digital space.

The implementation of the installation alludes to contemporary home architecture and makes the issues of loneliness, or the significance of interpersonal and architectonic boundaries, perceptible to the visitor. Thus, fine nylon filaments become bars, dividing the room into an interior and an exterior and, at the same time, turning the visitor from observer into protagonist.

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Picture © Jeongmoon Choi


Light Art Indoor  |  Exhibition


18./20. März 2018, 18:00–22:00 Uhr
21. März 2018, 11:00–22:00 Uhr
22.März 2018, 14:00-19:00 Uhr
23. März 2018, 11:00–22:00 Uhr
Laufzeit: 16. März–23. April 2018


Galerie Maurer, Fahrgasse 5, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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Galerie Maurer

© Jeongmoon Choi

© Jeongmoon Choi