Light Reflex

A project of Lydia and Nikolai Pommerer

Four Recesses - formerly occupied by stone figures – are to be reanimated. This architectural freedom will allow four cybernetic light sculptures, with their filigreed physical bodies, gear-like power unit, as well as apparently randomly-rotating discs as reflection surface, to project a moving light image in the concave alcoves of the restored façade.

All four statues function according to the same anatomical principle, yet each has its own character. Activated by the observer’s presence, no projection resembles the other.

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Picture: © pommerer


Light Art Outdoor

Light Reflex

18.–23. März 2018, 18:00–24:00 Uhr


Neoklassizistische Villa, Kaiserstraße 102, 63065 Offenbach am Main

© pommerer

© pommerer