Outdoor Life – Indoor Life: Luminale im Kunstverein Offenbach e.V.

A project of Sylvester Kraaz / Kunstverein Offenbach e. V.

The installation by the Kunstverein Offenbach combines the outdoor life of the city with the indoor life of the Kunstvereins and the KOMM-Center. Videos presenting the movement in the Center, on the Mall, as well as the action in the Kunstverein itself, are projected onto a red light-stairway, leading from the Aliceplatz up onto the front of the KOMM Center. Lasers installed on the Aliceplatz create shining creatures of light: bicycles of light, for instance, are brought to life.

Inside the Art Society, the red light-stairway slopes inversely from the glass façade towards the Mall, leading onto a floodlit stage in the middle of the room. Here, the glass façade is the projection screen showing the life and movement on Aliceplatz.

The exhibition hall was embellished with works by light artists from the Bunten Armee Fraktion (Colorful Army Faction) and Jo Wilhelm Arts. We are presenting light objects, light dance, light music and films, images and photographs, focusing our themes.

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Picture: © Sylvester Kraaz



Light Art Indoor


18.–28. März 2018, 14:00–20:00 Uhr, 25. März geschlossen


Kunstverein Offenbach e. V. im KOMM Center, Aliceplatz 11, 63065 Offenbach am Main

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Kunstverein Offenbach e. V