Mobile Light Cluster

Lightwalk on the Banks of the Main

A project by Burkhard Dämmer, Till Hergenhahn and Betty Hermann

On Thursday Umwelt-Exploratorium e.V. (U-X) (Environment Exploratorium) plans to present a modular, light sculpture, designed and realized together with Frankfurt students. Participants and visitors can look forward to an imposing procession of lights along the banks of the River Main.

With the concept MOBILE LIGHT CLUSTER, the U-X is introducing a further learning format which conveys basic knowledge within the context of an exciting experimental project. The children taking part are led into the technology and design of lighting and illumination and, at the same time, covers the ecological aspects of the seemingly natural phenomenon of Light.

The children worked out how to produce energy without batteries or power packs, and how much strength they need for the job. They learned how the necessary electricity can be directed from the producer to the consumer as efficiently as possible. Design talent and creativity were likewise taught: How to construct a functioning lamp, which is also attractive in form? The materials involved were tested and adapted, the application and function of the various electronic components put to the test.

Most of all, the students - as shining examples - will be leading the way and inspiring others with their communal project.

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Picture: © Betty Herrmann



Mobile Light Cluster

22. März 2018, 19:45 Uhr


Start: Eiserner Steg, Hochkai, Sachsenhäuser Seite, Schaumainkai, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

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Energiereferat der Stadt Frankfurt

Fraport AG

Frankfurter Volksbank

Freisteel GmbH