Neighborhood Youth Empowerment

Introducing Microprojects

A project by Dietrich Brockmann and Jens Heise

The ESF project JUGEND STÄRKEN IM QUARTIER (Youth Empowerment Quartier) seeks to activate and inspire local youngsters from twelve years up, thus creating added value and improving the social skills of the young participants. At the Luminale, these young people are presenting their work to the public in selected projects. Visitors can pass through the individual projects and are cordially invited to actively participate. Some of the youngsters come from other lands and the projects are helping them learn the German language in a very practical, hands-on manner. Focusing on their new home of Offenbach, they are getting to know it better. They work on the topic of "home", old and new, dealing with the journey in between. Several projects are job-related and thus create a bridge between education and profession.



Neighborhood Youth Empowerment

21. März 2018, 17:00–20:00 Uhr


VHS-Gebäude, Jugendbildungswerk Offenbach, Berliner Straße 77, 63065 Offenbach am Main

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