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A project by the Kulturhaus Frankfurt’s cinema series MOVIE ART N EAT

The Kulturhaus Frankfurt’s cinema series MOVIE ART N EAT offers visitors a grand, week-long NEON program!  
The Australian documentary film NEON – FEEL THE GLOW by Lawrence Johnston will be screened as German premiere. An energetic declaration of love to a gas that enjoyed a very short but vibrant success story, Johnston takes us from 1920s’ Paris, via the neon capital of Las Vegas of the 1950s, to a still large Neon fan base in the present: People whose passion for the buzzing tube represents their major purpose in life. But it is also a film for cinema-lovers, showing how well Hollywood understood how to use neon to create exciting atmospheres or spectacular glamour. A wonderful interplay of color and light, music and history, design and cultural heritage! 
The author of the cultural history behind neon light Flackernde Moderne (Flickering Modern), Prof. Christoph Ribbat, offers a brief insight into the fascinating facets of neon lighting in both urban and popular culture. 
Exclusively for the cinema series, a neon art object is created by NEON Zentrgraf, the production of which is shown in the form of a short video documentary by Oana Roseanu. 
An early example for Hollywood’s use of neon tubes in film is the 1933 musical “Gold Diggers”, which will be shown to close our program.
The Neon Days will be supplemented by fluorescent food provided by the beet root vegetarian restaurant in Frankfurt.

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»19.–22. März 2018
Filmbeginn: 19:30 / 22:00 Uhr NEON-FEEL THE GLOW, Neon-Kunst-Objekte und Videofilm
Matthäuskirche / Ev. Hoffnungsgemeinde, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 33, 60327 Frankfurt

» 23. März 2018
Filmbeginn: 18:30 Uhr NEON-FEEL THE GLOW, Filmbeginn: 20:30 Uhr GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933
Kulturhaus Frankfurt, Pfingstweidstraße 2, 60316 Frankfurt

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Screening  |  Filmvorführung

NEON – Feel the glow 1

18. März 2018, 19:30 Uhr Begrüßung, 19:45 Uhr Vortrag von Prof. Christoph Ribbat: FLACKERNDE MODERNE, 20:30 Uhr Deutschlandfilmpremiere NEON-FEEL THE GLOW


Instituto Cervantes, Staufenstraße 1, 60323 Frankfurt am Main

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