No future without history

Die Luminale im Institut für Stadtgeschichte – Fassade

A project by Simone Jüschke, Alexa Schraverus, Monika Slomski, Jana Vonofakos (Idee, Umsetzung und Koordination/ bdia-Hessen), Jutta Zwilling (Bild- und Zitatrecherche/Institut für Stadtgeschichte) and Thomas Beisiegel

With an eye on the future, the past produces memories. Memories produce habitats.
This theme was of importance to the bdia Hessen, who made it their business present it in a further light art project; bringing the Carmelite monastery to life with projections of historic images of Frankfurt and thought-provoking quotations. Dynamic pictures connect the history with the present, to create a completely new vision, in which our future and our past coincide.

Pictrue: © Monika Slomski 

This part of today’s Frankfurt, inhabited since Roman times, has a time-honored structural tradition. A performance by the bdia Hessen not only takes a look at the facades of well-known and lesser-known Frankfurt structures, but also generates awareness of the development of their interior design. Apart from historic pictures from the collections of the Institute for City History, word plays, puns and quotes imaginatively showcase the buildings - cleverly on the façade of the Carmelite Monastery, whose inner rooms during the Luminale itself can be admired in a completely new light.

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Pictrue: © Monika Slomski


Light Art Outdoor

No future without history

18.–23. März 2018, 19:00–24:00 Uhr


Institut für Stadtgeschichte im Karmeliterkloster, Münzgasse 9, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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Bund deutscher Innenarchitekten (bdia) | Landesverband Hessen

Institut für Stadtgeschichte