Video and Sound Installation

A project by Gunter Deller

Video and film maker Gunter Deller has created an elaborate video installation in the large hall of the Weissfrauen Church. Upon entering the church hall, visitors are greeted with the film image in the darkened space between the Cross and the Altar: A tranquil immersion into the rural space, geological textures, people exchanging glances and with mobile communication devices, dreamlike collages. The room is filled with atmospheric electronic sounds. When reaching the center of the room, a female voice becomes audible, emanating from the horn suspended overhead, speaking simulated telephone conversations with an imaginary partner. Thereby expressing ambivalent - from the longing for closeness, to distance and rage. Screams and whispers. Signals in space and time. At one point, resonates the chant: “Crucify Him” from Bach’s St. John’s Passion. The perception of sound changes according to the position of the visitor, while the moving image remains static like a modern icon.

The church offers a magnificent resonance chamber of contemporary issues: I have all the opportunities of modern communication and still cannot find my way to another.

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Picture:  © Gunter Deller



Light Art Indoor


18.–23. März, 18:00–23:00 Uhr


Weißfrauen Diakoniekirche, Gutleutstraße 20, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

Das Projekt wird unterstützt von

Weißfrauen Diakoniekirche

Kulturamt Frankfurt


Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst

© Gunter Deller

© Gunter Deller

© Gunter Deller

© Gunter Deller