Outdoor Life – Indoor Life: Luminale im Kunstverein Offenbach e.V.

A project of Jo Wilhelm Arts

The Installation BAUMLEBEN (The Life of Trees) by Jo Wilhelm Arts, created from photographs, lighting and discovered artefacts, is a passionate appeal to protect our living natural heritage. The artist interprets the given theme OUTDOOR LIFE - INDOOR LIFE spatially and temporally at one and the same time. By means of illumination, the installation provides an insight into the life cycle of a tree, underlining the living context in our perception of trees and forests. These, per O2/CO2 cycle, are our natural, symbiotic partners in life. Should the trees die, so will we. Their lifeblood - clean water and minerals, portrayed here as colored lights on a circuit path - strives upwards from below into the tips of the branches in accordance with osmotic pressure.

As opposed to what OUTDOOR LIFE possibly suggests, INDOOR LIFE consists of delicate and very vulnerable structures, symbolized by 20 incredibly diverse color photographs with a seemingly macromolecular resolution.

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Picture: © Jo Wilhmelm Arts




Light Art Indoor


18.–28. März, 14:00–20:00 Uhr, am 25. März geschlossen


Kunstverein Offenbach e. V. im KOMM Center, Aliceplatz 11, 63065 Offenbach am Main

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