The Fabrik Shines

Luminale in the Fabrik

“The Fabrik” in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen was Germany’s first oil factory and initially produced lamp petroleum or kerosene, later followed by technical lubricants, predominantly machine oil. Under the title THE FABRIK SHINES a light installation in the courtyard creates a link to the historic petroleum production plant and the Fabrik’s current event venue. The present day “Fabrik“, with its stage in the arched cellar, puts culture in the spotlight. The three-story clinker building, with distinctive chimney and brick façade, is part of a listed ensemble of buildings, constructed in 1880. Together with the residential and commercial building of the Heinz founding family, a small park and a timber-framed building adjacent to the factory, the entire ensemble has just one address: Mittlerer Hasenpfad 5. The historic plant is owned by the Peter Paul and Emy Wagner-Heinz Foundation, established in 2004 to promote cultural and social causes. For the first time in 2018, the Fabrik is taking part in the Luminale and with cutting-edge LED technology, will be highlighting the historic façade in the courtyard.

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Picture: © Karin Wagner


Light Art Outdoor

The Fabrik Shines

18.–23. März 2018, 18:00–23:00 Uhr


Die Fabrik – Kulturwerk Frankfurt, Mittlerer Hasenpfad 5, 60598 Frankfurt am Main

Das Projekt wird unterstützt von

Lichtlandschaften, Dirk Gräff