The Lighting in Stanley Kubrick’s films – specialy in „2001: A space Odyssey"

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Lighting played a prominent role for Stanley Kubrick.  His eighth feature film 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (GB/US 1968) is characterized by lighting extremes: Space with its black, gloomy absence of light is set in opposition to brightly-illuminated, space ship interiors, in which HAL’s luminous eye sees all. Film scholar Thomas Koebner elucidates Kubrick’s lighting in a talk at the German Film Museum during the exhibition Kubrick’s 2001. 50 Years - A SPACE ODYSSEY (21st March to 23th September 2018). The show invites visitors to immerse themselves in the genesis of 2001. It shows original designs, models, costumes, props, shooting schedules, production records and photos from Kubrick’s archive and answers the question of how Kubrick’s vision of the future arose and to what extent it has already occurred. Moreover, the exhibition sets the film in the context of its age, with a look at its reception history. Even before the first manned moon landing, 2001 used sophisticated animation technology to provide a fascinating, realistic-looking image of space. Many motifs were virtually iconographic for the Science Fiction genre. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film’s premiere, the German Film Museum is holding the world’s only official exhibition on Kubrick’s cult film - with numerous original exhibits from international collections and the Stanley Kubrick Archive of London’s University of the Arts. An exhibition in cooperation with Christiane Kubrick, Jan Harlan, the Stanley Kubrick Archiv in the University of the Arts London and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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The Lighting in Stanley Kubrick’s films – specialy in „2001: A space Odyssey"

23. März 2018, 20:15 Uhr, im Anschluss ca. 21:15 Uhr Screening “BARRY LYNDON” (GB/US 1975, R: Stanley Kubrick)

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A SPACE ODYSSEY © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

A SPACE ODYSSEY © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.