The People´s Smart Sculpture PS2

Luminale in the Main-Station Offenbach

A project by Lorenz Posthast (Xenorama Bremen/Berlin), Elwira Wojtunik und Popesz Lang (Elektro Moon Vision Krakau), Stephan Siegert (Impact-Lab Bremen) und Martin Koplin (M2C Institut Bremen)

The PEOPLE´S SMART SCULPTURE PS2 is an art initiative revolving around urban development, as the title of the eponymous EU project under the direction of the University of Bremen and the M2C Institute. Digital art shows the possibilities of participative re-design, and addresses communication about transforming the railway station. A space emerges in Beta, a preliminary version, staged by the PS2 media artists for the opening of the Luminale.

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Picture: © M2C Institut, Bremen



The People´s Smart Sculpture PS2

18.–23. März 2018, 18:00–23:00 Uhr


Hauptbahnhof Offenbach, Bismarckstraße 146, 63065 Offenbach am Main