Transition Hall

Offenbach’s Main Railway Station on a new Path

In Offenbach’s main railway station, which is the first Luminale event, visitors can look forward to façade artworks, light installations, an interactive figure cabinet and illuminated tours revolving around the urban development of the station building. The diverse activities have been created by the new initiative HBF OF (Main Station Offenbach), whose goal is to preserve the station as a public monument.

The station building with its reception area will be staged as “transition hall”, where the revival of a dilapidated cultural monument can be experienced and discussed with the people strolling by. In cooperation with the Bremer research and innovation project, The People’s Smart Sculpture (PS2), supported by international as well as local artists and art societies and accompanied by digital art and participative media, seeks to initiate the transformation of a dying into a contemporary location, with a strong sense of identity.


The Luminale-projects in the HBF OF

» Scattered Lights and Light Showers

» Illuminating Tours

» Paradise Garden

» Interactive Figure Cabinet

» The People´s Smart Sculpture PS2

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Transition Hall

18.–23. März 2018, 18:00–23:00 Uhr


Hauptbahnhof Offenbach, Bismarckstraße 146, 63065 Offenbach am Main