A project by Diana Ninov

The Frankfurter KunstSäule (Art Column), a project by Florian Koch and Daniel Hartlaub, presents three temporary exhibitions per year in the public space in Sachsenhausen - on the corner of Brückenstr/Gutzkowst.

In March 2018, the Frankfurter KunstSäule, together with Frankfurt artist Diana Ninov, will take part in the Biennale for Light Art, the Luminale 2018. The surface of the column, 3.6 m. high, will react to its surroundings during the hours of daylight, night time and rush hour to reflect ever new and alternating light events.

Depending on angle, distance and perceptive faculty, viewers will be offered a varied, situational, light-sensory experience. Visitors may approach more closely and add to the overall image; by writing, drawing, or even sticking material onto it. They can post photographs and circulate them online. Photo flashes, headlights from passing cars, bicycle lights, flashlights, or spotlights from neighboring dwellings: The column reflects them back and passes them on. Theme: Urban lights and city design.

URBAN LIGHTS will be communicated by Diana Ninov via social media and the complete pictorial event archived and circulated online in the form of an image animation.

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Picture: © Diana Ninov    


Light Art Outdoor


19. März–20.Mai 2018, 00:00–24:00 Uhr     


Frankfurter KunstSäule, Ecke Brückenstraße / Gutzkowstraße, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

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Frankfurter KunstSäule

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