WINDBEUTEL – thermal installation

Light installations in the Kunstverein Ebene B1 e.V.

A project of Monika Linhard

Artist Monika Linhard discovers and produces situations that capture the fleeting moment. During her travels, she gathers material, recording her observations in her work. Her thermal installation WINDBEUTEL ("cream puffs") presents a magically-green cloud of light floating in the middle of the space. De facto, it is composed of 48 transparent bags, anchored by nylon. 12 Floor spots infuse the fine plastic mesh with green light, their rising heat keeping the bundle of dreamlike objects aloft in undulating motion. The wafting and billowing of the plastic bags, provoked by the thermal current, gives associations free reign. The play of light and weightlessness of the movements allow visitors to immerse themselves in a special kind of experience-space. A poetic installation.

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Picture: © Monika Linhard


Light Art Indoor

WINDBEUTEL – thermal installation

17. März–15. April 2018, 00:00–24:00 Uhr
15. März 2018, 18:00 Uhr: Vernissage


Kunstverein Ebene B1 e.V., S-Bahnstation Taunusanlage, B-Ebene, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

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Kunstverein Ebene - B1 Taunusanlage e.V.