Your Point of View

A project of Studio De Schutter in cooperation with Döllken Lighting

Aesthetic sensitivity, individual attribution of meaning and personal attitude depend decisively on our visual perspective. Should we change our emotional or geographical standpoint, the temporary perception likewise changes and thus our interpretation.

Gestalt psychology confirms that the basic shapes of circle, rectangle and triangle serve as mythologically and metaphysically evocative anchors of interpretation, allowing us to grasp and structure the complexity of our environment. The light installation developed by Studio De Schutter, in partnership with Döllken Lighting, is based on this concept and toys simultaneously with the complexity and simplicity of our perception and the multi-facetted reality that surrounds us. It sees itself as a trigger for a change of perspective and calls for the tracing and disintegration of our cognitive dissonances.

The grouping of monochromatic lines of light invite us to the Taunus and Gallusanlage to take part in an explorative tour or our own perception. It is for us to advance beyond our first impressions and opinions towards the true essence and self-understanding of a thing, to change our standpoints and perspectives - for things can be understood in many different ways.


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Picture: © Studio De Schutter


Light Art Outdoor

Your Point of View

18.–23.März 2018, 18:00–06:00 Uhr


Gallusanlage und Taunusanlage, Gallusanlage und Taunusanlage, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

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Döllken Lighting