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A project by Alessandro Belliero

The project ZEITGEIST is a visual representation of today’s consumer society. The work, produced with the medium of the “cell phone”, examines current social interaction. The topic of superficiality is particularly fascinating and the graphic compositions of broken displays lend wings to fantasy. This motif symbolizes present-day consumer mentality: Why spend lots of money on repairing a broken telephone display, when a brand new phone hardly costs anything more? Just such a broken model is engraved upon a Plexiglas panel measuring 2 x 1 m., held upright by a curved base plate, likewise of Plexiglas and lit from beneath by LEDs.

Picture: © Allesandro Belliero


Light Art Indoor


19.–22. März 2018, 17:00–01:00 Uhr
23. März 2018, 17:00–03:00 Uhr


Amp Bar, Gallusanlage 2, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

Das Projekt wird unterstützt von

Neon Zentgraf Lichtwerbung GmbH

Amp Bar

HfG Offenbach

Allesandro Belliero

Allesandro Belliero